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Frequently Asked Questions


When will my order ship?

Most items are in-stock and typically ship within 2-4 days. Custom order turnaround time varies depending on the project scale. If we anticipate any delays with your order, we will communicate with you via email.

What is your return policy?

We hope that you are pleased with your purchase and understand that a change of heart can occur from time to time. While we would love to be able to give everyone the opportunity to return any item purchased, returns are not a service that we provide at this time.

What shipping carriers do you use?

We primarily use USPS. Should you desire an alternative shipping carrier, additional insurance, signature requirement or expedited shipping, please email within 30 minutes of purchase. We will do our best to accommodate you. Additional shipping fees may apply.

Do you ship internationally?

International shipping is available, however, customs or import duty charges upon delivery are the sole responsibility of the customer. Additional carrier handling fees due to custom charges are the customers responsibility. Unfortunately, delivery timescales due to customs clearing are outside of our control. For more information, contact your customs office.

How is my purchase packaged?

All purchases are packaged in Monica Squitieri branded boxes with your paper invoice included in mailer. Please indicate if your purchase is a gift at the message option when you checkout. If you desire a gift note to be included, please indicate your gift message at the checkout as well. We will not include your invoice in the recipient’s package if indicated as a gift.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.


How can I figure out my ring size?

Please contact us with sizing questions.

Can you make my ring size even though I don’t see it available in your store?

In most cases, absolutely! Reach out through our contact form!

Do you offer ring resizing services for purchases made off of your website or for custom orders?

Resizing requests from website orders are considered on a case by case basis and may incur a small fee. If you purchased a custom ring, we are firm in that we do not offer down-sizing (to make the ring smaller). We may be able to provide the service of resizing-up, depending on the design and only up to the measurement of 6.5mm. We are strict in that all requests for sizing up must be made within 10 days of item in customer’s hand, which will be confirmed by shipment tracking delivery date. Customer pays shipping.

How do I begin the custom design process?

We begin the custom design process with outlined steps and recommendations to help guide you to a place that feels exciting! Having a custom piece made is a unique experience and the hope is that you will enjoy the process of seeing your thoughts and ideas come to life as much as we do. To begin the process, head over to our Custom Request Page.

How do I figure out the ring size of the person I’m gifting this ring to if it’s a surprise?

This can be a tricky part of the process and you will have to be creative! There are loads of ideas online, on how to find out your partner’s size without them knowing!

Can I have you make design by someone else if I show it to you?

For ethical and legal reasons, this is not possible. Your inspiration photos are helpful as part of the design process, but we will never identically replicate someone else design.

Can you use my personal jewelry to recreate a new custom piece?

In most cases, yes. It depends on the jewelry you’re providing.

If I have my own stones, can you use them in a custom piece?

In most cases, yes. Monica Squitieri Jewelry approves the use of outside stones on a case by case basis.

Do you have a storefront or studio that I can visit in order to talk about my request in person?

We do not offer studio visits at this time, however, we offer phone call and FaceTime consults along with email communication.

How long does the custom design process take?

Our typical turnaround time for custom work is on average 8-10 weeks. If you are in need of an expedited service, it may be possible to for the turnaround time to be between 6-8 weeks. Additional fees apply. Lead time varies depending on project request and will be discussed during your order inquiry.

How much does it cost to make a custom piece of jewelry?

The cost for creating a one of a kind custom piece of jewelry ranges depending on project scale as well as metal and stones desired. The following are just a few examples of what is included in your custom jewelry fee: consulting fees, design and fabrication labor fees, cost of materials including, shipping, etc. For customers that provide their own diamonds, a price breakdown of each tier will be provided to you. The same applies for any customer supplied gemstones as well. Please reach out through our Custom Request Page for more details!

Can I have you make a someone else design if I show it to you?

For ethical and legal reasons, this is not possible. Your inspiration photos are helpful as part of the design process, but we will never identically replicate someone else design.

Do you offer ring box options for my custom ring order?

Yes we do!

What kind of diamonds do you use?

Monica Squitieri Jewelry only uses diamond that are responsibly sourced and traded under the Kimberley Process. For more information on the Kimberley Process, follow this link: